FRIGHT POWER BANK backup phone charger

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What do you do when your phone is about to die, but the FRIGHT POWER HOUR comes on in 10 minutes? Now you can charge your devices anywhere, any time using YOUR OWN Fright Power with this stylish laser-etched battery backup! Just plug it in and go!


Stay charged up when you’re on the go with a sleek and stylish power bank. These power banks are small enough to fit in your pocket, yet powerful enough to add hours of juice to your mobile device. The 4000mAh power cell can fully charge any iPhone or Android phone and then some!


• Available in 7 Colors

• Laser Etched Design

• Size: 2.625”x4.375”

• High Capacity Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Cell

• 4000mAh

• LED Power Meter

• Aluminum-Alloy Body

• Includes Dual Charging Cable (Apple & Android)